Experienced, Loving Dog Boarding

Done the only way I know how to do it: exactly how I would want my own dogs to be cared for!

  • Spacious, country setting
  • Home-like dog boarding
  • Individual playtime
  • Walks on the trails
  • Fenced-in, separate exercise yard
  • Comfy couches
  • Enrichment Games and Puzzles
  • Toys, Kongs, Nylabones –
    All the things!
  • Hugs, Kisses, and lots of love

The care and love Ross gives my girls is amazing! Better than going to Grandma’s house! Such peace of mind that my girls are happy, not stressed and snuggled with. The only home away from home my girls will go to. 💕

– Penny’s Mom

Our labs, Finn & Odie just had their first boarding VACATION here at Cora’s Zone, and let me tell you, it won’t be the last!!! I was worried while my husband and I were on vacation that the pups wouldn’t want to come home with us when we picked them up!

– Finn and Odie’s Mom

I can’t say enough good things about Cora’s Zone My three dogs have stayed a couple of time. I really think they wouldn’t care if we ever came to get them! They are so loved and spoiled. It’s like being at home.

– Holly, Gunnar and Izzy’s Mom

I boarded my three boys here for the week and I swear they had such a great time they didn't want to leave! I always feel guilty and worried when I board them elsewhere, but after all the daily updates from Ross, along with pictures of the dogs' daily adventures, I was so relieved and could really relax and enjoy my vacation. We will be sending the boys to "camp" much more often so we can all get breaks from each other. I am excited to travel now, knowing my boys are in fantastic care!

– Cooper, Odin and Bugsy’s Mom

It’s all about my doggy guests while I get the honor of caring for them! As a self-professed dog fanatic, I truly understand and fully appreciate the faith that is placed in me when you entrust your pups to me. I take that responsibility very seriously and care for your dogs the way I would want my own dogs to be treated! Individual care and attention, where my goal is to get to know your dog and his/her likes and dislikes; give them a calm, stress-free environment; and provide them the TLC they deserve. I love to share our beautiful property with the dogs that stay with me, enjoying the trails, bringing them down to the pool with my family, or romping in the big exercise yard.

Our Accommodations

At Cora’s Zone we are about comfort and convenience – for you and your pup! Many boarding places have a “base price” and everything – everything – is an additional charge on top of that base price.
Cora’s Zone is all-inclusive. We do not charge extra for trail walks, trips to our huge exercise yard (separate from the yards around the kennel building), bedtime treats or kongs, enrichment games or puzzles on rainy days, or special needs.

Penny Rose Upside Down at Cora's Zone Dog Boarding with heart

Sadie’s Salon

Cora's Zone Dog Boarding - Sadies Salon

Sadie’s Salon: $75/night for 1 dog

$25 each additional dog

*Sadie’s Salon is on the second floor and is not suitable for dogs with mobility issues.

Sadie’s Salon is a lovely, light-filled space on the second floor. There is a queen bed, a small couch, a chair, a cozy sleeping nook, and an overall home-like feel to this space. The space is completely separate with no other boarding guests on this floor. Best suited for multi-dog families and for dogs who prefer people over other dogs, Sadie’s Salon comfortably accommodates up to 3 large dogs.* Crates are used if and only if you request that your pup be crated; otherwise, guests in this space are free to lounge and hangout wherever they want to! If you are wondering, Sadie’s Salon was named for a very special senior girl from my rescue days. I know she would approve of sharing her lovely space!

First Floor Private Kennels

Cora's Zone Dog Boarding with heart

Our main space on the first floor provides large, private enclosures for our visiting pups as well as a sitting area for post-walk downtime and naps. The space is flexible and the set-up is changed as needed to best accommodate our doggy guests. Dogs always have plenty of space to be comfortable! Each enclosure includes a raised bed and comfy bedding (or space for their bed from home); fresh, clean water; and a toy bucket (if allowed by you). The largest enclosure includes access to a large, private yard and the ability to go in and out throughout the day.**

1 Dog Downstairs: $55/night
2 Dogs in the same enclosure*: $85/night
3 Dogs in the same enclosure*: $100/night

* For multiple dogs, we will chat about your pups and we will go over your dogs’ needs, sizes, etc, to determine if multiple dogs in a single space are the right fit for our spaces. We aim to please and work very hard to accommodate your needs and requests! 

** To book the indoor/outdoor space specifically, there is an additional charge of $10 per night. Please let us know when you are making your reservation if you wish to book this space.

Deposits & Policies

Check-in: After 3pm

Check-out: Before 10am

Early Check-in (when available) 10am-3pm: $15/family

Late Check-out (when available) 10am-5pm: $15/family


Thanksgiving Week

Christmas Eve – New Year’s Day

February & April Breaks (NH)

June 15 – September 15

Deposits for non-peak times:

1 night for reservations 7 days or less

2 nights for reservations 8 days – 21 days

50% total stay for reservations longer than 21 days

Non-peak boarding reservation deposits may be applied to a future reservation if cancelled more than 14 days before check-in date. No credit or refund if cancelled less than 14 days prior to check-in date.

Deposits for peak times:

50% non-refundable deposit due at time of reservation. Deposits for peak times can not be transferred to different reservations.

Additionally any changes to a reservation resulting in shortening of stay (picking up earlier) will incur full charges for unused nights.

There are no additional charges for medications or specialty diets. If owner does not provide food for their dog(s), ad additional charge of $5/day will be charged.

Day boarding is offered at $25/day. 

Leaving from Manchester Airport?

Ask us about parking your car here and a ride to and from the airport! No extra charge.

Things to do

Every dog that stays with me gets playtime, walks on the trails, time in the fenced exercise yard (particularly great for the fetch lovers or those pups who just love to RUN), and lots of time just hanging out on the big, comfy couch! Frozen kongs, enrichment games and puzzles, toys, Nylabones, and more are all available (pending your ok, of course!).

Cora's Zone Dog Boarding Trail Walks
Cora's Zone Dog Boarding outside play area

At Cora’s Zone, we are lucky to have plenty of space! The main yard stretches back into the trees and provides a large, safe, and secure place for our boarding pups to play, stretch their legs, and do their ‘business.” For a change of scenery and some one-on-one time, we have a 50’ x 100’ exercise yard surrounded by 8’ fencing. It’s a great place to play frisbee or catch, gives the pups another place to explore and enjoy, and also provides a great first stop on our trail walks. (I like to let them run off some of their energy before we trek on the trails!)

The 22 acres that we call home and happily share with our boarding guests once contained a grist mill (listen and you might hear the waterfall where the water wheel used to be), was the town of New Boston’s sandlot for many years (oh how the pups love to dig in our beach-like sand!), and even boasted an active Christmas tree business for many years. The property is almost completely wooded, with a picturesque stream and large pond, and no neighbors in sight. There are many spots for water loving pups to enjoy a dunk on a hot day, and even a few spots suited to a full-on swim! We rarely see wildlife, but we know they are there, and they certainly provide our visiting pups with lots to smell and explore while we are out on walks – giving rise to the term “sniffari!”

Cora's Zone Dog Boarding with Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your drop-off and pick-up policies?

Official drop-off time is after 3pm on the first day of your reservation. Official pick-up time is by 10am on the last day of your reservation. Early check-in and late check-out can be arranged, pending space availability, for a charge of $15/family. Pick-ups on the last day of your pup’s stay should be before 10am. There is an additional charge of $15 for late check-outs up until 5pm. After 5pm, an additional night’s charge is incurred. (I’m sorry, but late pick-ups mean that space is not available for another dog!) I appreciate your understanding!

Do you require a deposit?

 Being as small as I am has a lot of great “pros,’ but one big con is that last minute cancellations drastically impact me. Effective 1/10/2023, there are new policies regarding deposits and cancellations. Please refer to the information below “Accommodations” for information regarding these polices.


What forms of payment do you accept?

 I accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo, and credit cards. Venmo payments will have 2% added to the total; credit card payments will have 3% added to the total.



What do you require for vaccines/medical care?

All dogs staying at Cora’s Zone must be up-to-date on a combination distemper/parvo (DAP, DHLPP, DAPPv, etc) vaccine and rabies vaccine. A Bordetella/kennel cough vaccine also is required, and may not be administered within 14 days of a stay at Cora’s Zone. All doggy guests must be on flea/tick and heartworm preventatives. (If your pup’s preventatives are due during their stay, I am happy to give those to them!) Please ask your vet to email your pup’s vaccine history/synopsis to: czboarding@gmail.com.




What keeps my dog safe at Cora’s Zone?

Safety and making sure your dog is not only having a great time but also safe and secure is HUGE for me. The only way I know to run a boarding facility is to run it the way I would want my own dogs to be cared for and boarded! We have multiple cameras upstairs and downstairs, as well as on our driveway (to monitor anyone coming or going). All gated entrances/exits are double-gated (air-locked!) for safety. Yards, toys, bedding, etc, are cleaned using pet-safe products that I put to the test myself through years of dog rescue! (We use Rescue cleaner – a very effective, activated hydrogen peroxide product – inside and many products in our dog yards including WYSIWash, Cedarcide, and diatomaceous earth outside the fence line.) Dog yards are scooped throughout the day. Through many training seminars and conferences, I have been trained in safe and effective management of dog groups, including safe and effective ways to break up dog fights (never needed, knock on wood, but I do know what to do and have tools like whistles, blankets, hoses, and fire extinguishers handy at all times). If you have any specific questions, please, please, please feel free to ask! After all those years as a dog rescuer, so much of what I do and how I handle dogs comes as second nature to me. I triple check gates and latches, clean absolutely everything thoroughly between guests, check the cameras often and especially if any motion is indicated, and always, always err on the side of caution.

Besides our dog’s food, what should we pack for our dog’s stay at Cora’s Zone?

Please feel free to pack anything that you think will make your dog more comfortable and relaxed while they stay with us. We are happy to work with you on just about anything! (Ask me about the gentleman who brought a recliner for his dog’s stay at one boarding kennel where I worked ….) Items should be labeled with your dog’s name or family surname. Cora’s Zone takes great care of these items but we are not responsible for any damage to beds, toys, or other items brought with your dog.

Do you ever let dogs off-leash outside your fenced in areas?

Never, ever, ever. All dogs are walked on harnesses (we will provide one if you don’t have one) or, at the very least, a martingale (“no slip”) collar.

Do I need to package my dog’s meals individually? Should I pack my dog’s bowls?

No need to package your dog’s meals individually, not at all! At check-in we will review your dog’s food, meal frequency, and amounts/specifics. I’m happy to do the measuring. Please provide enough dog food for at least two meals beyond your anticipated stay – just in case of emergency. I have plenty of bowls, including slow feeders and Kong wobblers; however, if you would like to pack your dog’s bowl(s), please feel free to do so. Please make sure your dog’s name is on the bowl(s).

My dog has special dietary needs/medications, etc. Is that okay?

Special dietary needs and most medications are not an issue at all! There is a refrigerator in the kennel if any foods or medications require refrigeration. (Please note that an additional waiver regarding medications may be required.) Please let us know at the time you make your reservation if your dog will need anything more than supplements or heartworm and flea/tick preventatives during their stay. For anything requiring injections, such as diabetes, or sub-q fluids, there is an additional charge of $5 per day.

Do you offer daycare?

We do not offer daycare per se. Puppies are near and dear to my heart, however, and I do offer a day boarding option for puppies under the age of 10 months. While here, they get play time, walks, and enrichment toys and activities.  Additionally, day boarding is offered to boarding clients when needed for family events or long days away from home. Resident pup Rhapsody is a perma-playmate here who loves to play with pups looking to have a playmate while staying at Cora’s Zone.

Do dogs from different families play together while they are staying with you?

Most of the time, dogs from different families get one-on-one attention, walks, and playtime. At the request of some owners, and depending on the dogs, I am happy to have other boarding guests help me get some doggy energy out! I take your dog’s safety here very seriously, and I’m grateful to have 12 years of experience with unrelated dogs romping and playing in my yards here. I always will err on the side of caution first, but also want your dog to have FUN while they are here. We will chat at check-in about your preferences, your dog’s preferences, and go from there!

Do you have anyone else working at Cora’s Zone?

Yes! I have a few wonderful people who help me out here and make sure your pups get the care and attention they deserve. My employees all have experience working with dogs and provide safe and knowledgeable care for your pups when I am not able to be out in the kennel myself. (Please note that drop-offs for any first-time guests as well as any meet and greets prior to boarding will be with me, Ross.)

Contact Us

For questions please email us at czboarding@gmail.com or call/text at 603-361-4350.

Reservation requests can only be made by established customers. If you have not boarded at Cora’s Zone within the past 12 months, please email czboarding@gmail.com regarding your interest or boarding dates. Thank you!

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